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2010 Pre-conference Activities

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Some ideas of beginning the collaboration before we come together in London:


In 2008 we started in this wiki several months before we met in London for the conference. It turned out to be an important way for workshop participants to get to know each other, and led more quickly to a rich and productive interaction once we were together in person.


We'd like to engage online again in preparation for the September gathering; here are some ideas of how to do this:


  • A Game: We had an exciting suggestion from Vincent Ronden: to start a "game" which starts a few months before the conference to get participants interacting with each other to solve problems/generate ideas concerning mobile solutions, mediaguides of the future etc. Vincent's idea is, "By doing this the participants are triggered to look at/think about the future in stead of what's going on right now." 


What do you think? What form might this pre-conference game take? Do you have other ideas for pre-conference activities? 


Suggestion #1 Technology Challenge

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