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Advanced handhelds

Page history last edited by Chris Alexander 11 years, 6 months ago

(Advanced Handheld) Museums and the Web 2009 - Starting Points for Discussion 


  • Hardware - user needs vs. institutional needs
  • Content generation - User and/or Institution 


(Future of Handheld) Museums and the Web 2009 - Starting Points for Discussion 


  • Multi-institutional collaboration on both content (i.e., "show all objects depicting George Washington across the state of Indiana") and on application (one institution develops a wayfinding app, another develops a recommender engine; both work together on a single device)
  • Take advantage of social interaction--capture comments and reactions, then use those to generate further action




Building the next generation of mobile solutions:


  • Working cross-platform
  • Re- and pre-purposing content
  • The virtuous circle of pre-, during- & post-visit services
  • User-Generated Content (UGC)
  • Social networking and community applications
  • Location-based mobile services
  • Others...

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