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How can we cut costs without compromising the user experience?

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hara mihailidou said

at 6:20 am on May 5, 2011

Probabaly only with collaborative projects, which involve more than one museums/ organizations . I cannot really estimate how possible that is but is a suggestion. What do you think?

Hara Mihailidou
Ma Interactive media student, currently researching on interactive practices of new media on museums

Thor Poulsen said

at 5:06 am on May 8, 2011

If you take a look at the webadress www.wifi-guide.com/demo you will see a demo of the web based museum guide wifi-guide (content only in danish, I'm sorry). The wifi-guide projekt is more or less a collaborative projekt, as it is a standard frame, which the museums individualy can change, so that it appears as their own. That means logo, colors, fonts, featers and of cause content is administered by you. All types of files can be displayed in the guide, from film and pictures to text and sound. The administartion takes place via the internet, and the hole thing is hosted by wifi-guide.com. The cost is a one time fee of 1200 USD and a yearly rent of 1800 USD, which include all future updates and hosting. At this moment two danish museums use the wifi-guide, and more is comming.
I hope that more museums will see all the benfits of this solution in the future, as I believe, that what the audience wants, is first class content not another computergame, Playstation and X-box does that better anyway.

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