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Gaming exercise in MW2009 workshop

Page history last edited by Nancy Proctor 14 years, 10 months ago

Museums & the Web 2009 Workshop: Mobile guides and context-specific educational mobile games   go to paper



  • Define your target group
  • Translate a museum story into a game concept
  • Situate concept with respect to 4 dimensions
    1. Mobility
    2. Personalisation
    3. Social interaction
    4. Interaction with museum


Played by Beth Harris, Silvia Filippini Fantoni, Mark Gilicinski, Paul Stork, Nancy Proctor 17 Feb 2009.


Our concept: The Starry Night Game

  • Can be played online or on-site, so visitors or non-visitors, primarily teenagers but other age groups could play too.
  • The painting by Van Gogh is described in descriptive, predominantly emotional adjectives (clues).
  • Players are given clues one-by-one to help them find the painting.
  • The more clues given, the more time needed, the fewer points awarded.
  • When players think they have found the artwork, they text the title.
  • If it's wrong, they get another clue (and fewer points).
  • If right, they win a number of points based on how quickly and with how few clues they found the work.
  • Variation: there is no right answer; the objective is to find as many artworks as possible that convincingly match the description.


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