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Making the Case

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Tips for how to make the case for your handheld project and demonstrate ROI to decision-makers, stakeholders, and those holding the purse strings!




Some tips, not just for handheld project demonstrations:


  • Show a SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

    Show the pro's and cons of your concept, but be able to have a solution for your cons

  • Cost estimate

    No one wants to make a deal with you if they don't know what they will have to pay for it

  • Show other solutions to the problem, but make sure your solution is the best

    This shows you've done research which (hopefully) led you to this solution

  • Hand outs always do well!

    Let the audience have something to hold on to, to go through and to take home after the presentation is over

  • Leave out something important (optional)

    This is a bit of a High school trick. By leaving something out that you know will come questions about, you can amaze the audience by (also!!) knowing that part

  • Make sure you have screenshots or sketches

    People want to see things, experience things. (best would be if you could demonstrate a working prototype)

  • Don't look at your own powerpoint! (At least for telling your story)

    Know what you are going to tell or have it written down on paper/que cards. The powerpoint is for the audience

  • Let your audience interact

    Do something fun with them, let them try out the prototype or let them feel the 'magic' of what it's like to use your concept


These are just some tips and tricks which students at 'Communication and multimediadesign' learn at school and which often help during presentations.



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