MFA Boston's Assyria Quest

MFA Boston's Assyria Quest - mobile scavenger hunt game

Presented by Jenna Fleming


I'm happy to talk about the planning considerations that have gone into the soon-to-be-launched mobile text messaging quest we are developing in conjunction with an exhibition on ancient Assyria (which is a touring show from the British Museum).  We are using a tool called HuntBuilder ( to deliver the clues. Each clue promotes looking and discovery of these absolutely remarkable artifacts. During the planning process, we've considered a number of things from the age-appropriateness of the clues to how to work in a bit of learning in under 160 characters. :)  We've also considered traffic flow, exhibit narrative, potential for disruptive behavior, poor reception, and a long list of other concerns for what is essentially a very simple 10-clue quest. The quest launches September 21 and I'm happy to report back on results. See for more details after September 12.