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Page history last edited by Nancy Proctor 12 years, 11 months ago

Feel free to list here questions that you hope this Wiki can address

- especially if you have no answers for them!


Content Examples

Does anyone have good examples of successful, engaging content on any/all of these platforms that they can bring to the workshop & symposium? It would be great to have illustrations of 'best in class'. I'm also interested in examples of when content doesn't port directly from one platform to the next as we might hope, e.g. the Matthew Barney audio tour at SFMOMA that felt very different on the cellphone without the background music and sound effects.



  1. Traditional audio tour (museum-specific device)
  1. Phone tour
  1. Multimedia tour
  1. iPhone/iPod Touch tour
  1. Podcasts
  1. Downloadable tours

Comments (3)

Chris Alexander said

at 2:25 am on Sep 1, 2008

Hey Nancy,

Will the conference be documented in anyway? Podcast, videocast, etc?

Jane Burton said

at 7:38 am on Sep 1, 2008

This Wiki will be part of the documentation we hope. And we'll be audio recording the conference. The results will be podcast (though not live) as part of our regular TateEvents series, which is promoted on the Tate site and through iTunes.

Bruce Falk said

at 7:50 am on Sep 17, 2008

What does the group think about creating a shared online tool set under a GNU or like open-license? That way, instead of reinventing a solution with whatever resources may be to hand, Museums could focus those resources on content development, choosing platforms that seem best suited to the approach(es) they wish to pursue and/or adding to existing toolsets as needed. The model established not least by the GMU Center for History and New Media's http://omeka.org seems to be working well?

Would this go into the Resources section? Also, what about legal resources? Where would one post things like contract templates that others may choose to use and/or modify?

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