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Re-purposing Content

Page history last edited by Nancy Proctor 12 years, 1 month ago

Some thoughts to start the conversation:


I'm interested in the museum label as, in a sense, the example par excellence of repurposable content. The object label has long required curators and interpretation specialists to become expert at providing insights in 50 words or less. Museums are by nature masters of the soundbite (see SAAM's 'Soundtracks and Soundbites' case study), and this length seems to lend itself to audio scripts and reuse in video and multimedia productions. Yet the label is also an excellent example of how content can fail when repurposed. How many boring audio tours have you heard that were nothing more than someone reading the object labels? So what exactly do we mean by re-purposing? Porting content cross-platform directly, or using a given asset as a basis which must, nonetheless, be reworked, perhaps substantially, for the new platform?

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