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How can the handheld program attract revenues?


Revenue has been discussed for our institution in the past, but due to our small size and the fact that we average about 10-30 iPod Touch checkouts a day, we are fearful that a fee would make those numbers drop.  So, we currently think of the tour as a value added feature for the price of admission.  But, would the idea of paying make if more attractive to visitors?  Maybe they would wonder more about it?  Perhaps they expect to pay for it? Could there be a way to make a donation via the handheld? Perhaps through Paypal or Google Checkout? - San Jose Museum of Art (Chris Alexander)


Free = Picked Up

Accepting donations to the program seems a great idea. I know we are seeking sponsorship to try to make our guides free. We have found in a small pilot of a free audio guide that uptake goes up dramatically. Free = good, it seems, or at least it equals massively picked up. I believe our weekly numbers for that particular (free) tour surpassed the quarterly numbers for all other tours. I will check on that, but in any case, the message was clear! - Jenna Fleming, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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