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SFMOMA Platform Research 2006-2008

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SFMOMA: Experiments with diffferent mobile formats

Presented by Peter Samis


Choosing the platform: audio tour, cellphone, iPod, iPhone, proprietary device (e.g., Discovery's XP-Vision). OurMatthew Barney; Drawing Restraint trial, in which the same content was delivered over three devices--traditional audio tours, podcast downloaded pre-visit, or via cell phone just in time in the galleries--was evaluated and offered insights into unique attributes of each platform, as well as visitor use preferences. These trials were further extended with a dual audio tour for the exhibitions Picasso & American Art and Brice Marden, in which visitors were offered the same audio tour on their choice of iPod or Antenna X-Plorer. Once again, visitor reactions and preferences were studied. Presently we're using both cell phone and Antenna XP-Vision multimedia tour technology, depending on whether the show merits paying an outside vendor to develop content or not. It's premature to include iPhone in this calculus yet, but hopefully we'll be able to show something from our iPhone program in development.



Price point--ranging from free to inexpensive to a higher unit price dedicated to maximizing revenue--is another variable I hope we'll have a chance to discuss!


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