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Technology challenge

Page history last edited by Anonymous 14 years, 5 months ago

This could perhaps be an interesting pre-conference game/challenge.

If it's ok with Nancy Proctor, the winner(s) of this challenge could get a chance to present their concept during the conference or someone could do it for them.

Or a prize or something other to reward their effort.


My suggestion is a game which challenges all of you to get the most out of today's technology. Everything is allowed but keep the costs, time/effort to implement and role of the user in mind.


So for those up for the challenge:


How can we get from this:


and this:


to this:



(I'm not neccisarily talking about the game element shown in this video. I'm talking about making the environment come to life and get another or more meaning than it has at the moment.)

This technique could give the visitors of your museum the freedom to just simply point and click at the item displayed in your museum to get al the information they want.


For those ..still.. up for the challenge:


You can do it the hard way: Make item recognition software which combined with an indoor version of GPS allows us to give the user this kind of interaction. Or

You can do it the 'easier' way: Look at today's technologies and find out which ones can bring us a step closer to the goal set above.


For instance:

Indoor GPS: http://cricket.csail.mit.edu/

Combined with an accelerometer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerometer)

gives the developer the possibility to put every item and it's position into a system which will then mimic item recognition while in fact it's just precise location recognition.

This is just one example of a possible solution but i'm sure that we can come up with something much better!


So if Nancy Proctor agrees with this competition, team up, brainstorm and perhaps even build the ultimate solution!


So what do you think about this?

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!


With kind regards,


Vincent Ronden


Comments (2)

Nancy Proctor said

at 4:10 pm on Feb 5, 2010

A fun idea, Vincent, and I don't think it needs my blessing to happen - just the support of the community!
My usual caveat: let's not get too hung up on the technology. The problem with "traditional" audio tours is not the player; in fact one of my all-time favorite tours, of Alcatraz Prison, was first produced on a cassette tape, and some 20 years later, it's still one of the biggest selling, biggest crowd-pleasing, and best designed mobile experiences on the planet.

Anonymous said

at 7:42 pm on Feb 16, 2010

i most definately agree to your statement about aduiotours, nancy! I made one about a year ago and it was amazing to see how a simple voice could do so much to the visitors.
my goal with this challenge was not to 'compete' with audiotours but to create a new system in some sort of 2.0 environment. Online we see how 2.0 took over the internet because of people's desire to interact with each other and share their opinions.
In my personal experience i could never do that with audio tours because by putting on that headset i felt like closing everybody out and just focusing on the subjects in stead of interacting with others.

So if we could make this system into some kind of visual guide in stead of an audio guide (to lose the headphones) + adding community features like tagging and commenting thru a wifi network for instance, we could create a much more lively community-like environment which could actually trigger people to interact with the museum in stead of 'looking at' the museum.

(oh and sorry for my late reaction, i've been working on finding a job and rebuilding my website. So off to the career-pages it is!)

With kind regards,

Vincent Ronden

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