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2010 Workshop program

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Please note: time is tight so please try to be prompt and stick within allotted speaking times! 

During the mind-mapping periods, we'll also be trying to identify panelists to lead the discussion of these themes on day 2.  



10.00: Register, pick up badges at The East Room, level 7, upload any slides for the day to the presentation laptop (tea, coffee, water)


10.20: Welcome, structure and aims for the day


10.30-11.45: Culture shifts: Museums and mobiles in the age of social media

  • 5 min intro to Mobile social media and emerging business models - Nancy Proctor
  • 5 min intro to Culture shift on the part of museum staff and audiences - Peter Samis
  • Small group discussions (20 min)
  • Large group discussion and mind-mapping (30 min)


11.45: Coffee Break (30 mins)


During coffee: Case studies (2-3 min each: please suggest case studies here!)

  1. Case study 1: Getty Villa multimedia tour - Steve Gemmel

  2. Case study 2: MoMA Mobile - Allegra Burnette

  3. Case study 3: SFMOMA's multimedia tours and apps - Peter Samis

  4. Case study 4: Tate: Miroslaw Balka How It Is app and Muybridgeizer app (forthcoming) - John Stack


12.15-1.30:  Putting it all together: Workflows, content management and cross-platform publishing

    • 5 min intro to Open source & mobile content management: preserving, reusing  and otherwise mashing-up content in the face of moving technology targets - Rob Stein
    • 5 min intro to Doing it in house, pros and cons; cross platform content: what works, what doesn't - Ted Forbes
    • Small group discussions (20 min)
    • Large group discussion and mind-mapping (30 min)


1.30-2.00: Lunch Break – Buffet lunch provided

2.00-2.15: Product presentation 1 
2.20-2.35:  Product presentation 2  Nousguide


2.40-3.40:  New mobile experiences: Engaging audiences beyond the audio tour and beyond the museum's walls

    • 5 min intro to Games and mobile experiences outside the audiotour box - Jane Burton
    • 5 min intro to Location-based and socially-aware mobile experiences - Mike Saunders
    • Small group discussions (20 min)
    • Large group discussion and mind-mapping (30 min)


3.40-3.50 : Coffee Break (10 min)


3.50-4.10 Product presentation 3: Imagineear and TristanInteractive

4.15-4.30 Product presentation 4: Sennheiser



4.30-5:30:  What's next: Latest technologies and future trends

  • 5 min intro to Augmented reality: what does it mean for mobile experiences and curation in the future? - Magriet Schavemaker
  • 5 min intro to Predictions for future technology and behavioural trends in the mobile space - Jason DaPonte
  • Small group discussions (20 min)
  • Large group discussion and mind-mapping (30 min) 


6.00: Drinks and food at a local restaurant


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