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ARAZI IKT: GPS and PDA project, MOBI version, REMOTE CONTROL evaluation system, creating a COMMONS

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ARAZI IKT S.L. has 12 years of experience on the management of environmental and cultural Museums located in the Basque Country (Spain).

These are the projects that are shown in the .PPT presentation below:
· Menosca Expedition: mobile-learning educational program using GPS and PDA, developed to help alumni understand the romanization of the Basque Country.
· Zarautz on your hands: mobile-learning experience (GPS+PDA) to visit the most interesting spots of Zarautz.
· Gure Zarautz: MOBI version, geotagging and mapping using 1954 vs. 2010 maps, and a participative system to collect the memories of the elderly.
· Clicker: a remote control for visitors to leave their opinion.
· Collaborating with the local government to create a Basque Commons



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